The countdown for the biggest football festival in history is up and running. Not long now and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will begin and preparations are in full swing in the host country.

We are presenting moving, exciting and unusual stories about and with superstar Pelé.

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1) Interview with superstar Pelé

…about his best and worst memories, his road out of poverty to become a superstar, the importance of football in Brazil and the coming star of the 2014 World Cup.

2) “A chance to play”
The Terre des Hommes human rights organisation’s “A chance to play“ project combines school and football training and offers kids from the Favelas a sporting perspective for their lives.

3) “Fusca forever” – reliving the 1970 World Cup in a Beetle
Summer 1970 – two young Brazilians drive to the World Cup final in Mexico in a Beetle – and now they repeat the journey 44 years later.

4) “Costurando o Futuro” – sewing for a better future
In a small clothes maker in Sao Bernardo, women threatened by poverty are sewing together fashionable bags and accessories out of factory oddments. With a great business sense, they have put together a small football collection in time for the World Cup.

5) Who brought football to Brazil?
Who’s to „blame“? - The English or the Germans? The first players came from the British Isles but Brazil’s oldest club was founded by a German. So the question remains – where are the roots of Brazil’s national sport? A search for clues…

6) Futebol do Brasil: Brazil – Football school for the world
The reputation of Brazil’s football academies is legendary. Whether it’s Neymar, Hulk or Dante – they all honed their skills in the great football academies. We paid FC Santos a visit and watched the stars of the future in action. Ambitious children and their parents from all over the world have been attracted by the academy’s reputation, like young Joa. Together with his parents he moved to Santos to train there. His goal is to play for Jürgen Klinsmann’s Team USA.

7) Maracana (available in English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese)
Maracana – the word alone gives football fans all over the world goose bumps. With a capacity of 200,000, it was the world’s biggest stadium in 1950. The stadium is a synonym for the biggest tragedy in the history of Brazilian football - but also for its greatest hope of winning the title again this year as the World Cup final will be played in the Maracana. Criticism of the stadium’s redevelopment has however not abated. We’ll show you the Maracana stadium of the past and the present and we’ll talk with stars Rivellino and Pelé about their greatest moments in the Maracana.

8) Olic v Gustavo – let the games begin…
Finally! It’s only a few more days until the whistle goes for the opening match of the World Cup in Brazil. Croatia will face hosts Brazil. The line-up of both teams promises extra excitement as it’s also a duel between two teammates. Ivica Olic and Luiz Gustavo warm up with a game of table football and talk about the chances of their respective countries.

9) Grassroots of Sports - Pelada & Pelé- recreational football in Brazil
Brazil – where football is omnipresent. The names Pelé, Neymar and co immediately come to mind. But how do “normal” people play football in Brazil? The amateurs and recreational players? What are the pitches like? Where do friends meet up for a game after work? A look into grassroots football in Brazil…

10) Pelé - Superstar! (also available in the following languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese)
He not only scored 1000 goals - he is also the only footballer to have won three World Cups: Edson Arantes do Nascimento, called Pelé. Named “Player of the Century” by FIFA, for many Brazilians he is a national icon. He will be representing his country during the coming World Cup but in view of the many organizational shortcomings, even Pelé is concerned.

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